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Starting from the version 7.6 and iOS 16 you can use Parcel with Siri.

You can ask Siri to show status for a specific active or recently completed delivery using one of the following phrases.

Please note that you have to use a full delivery name in your command. It works best with short delivery names, e.g. "iPhone" or "Red Shoes". This is a limitation of Siri in iOS and we hope that one day it will be improved.


Track Parcel MacBook
Where is my MacBook parcel?
When does my MacBook parcel arrive?
What is the status of MacBook in Parcel?


Verfolge das Paket MacBook
Wo befindet sich mein MacBook Paket?
Wann kommt mein MacBook Paket an?


Suivre colis MacBook
Où est mon colis Macbook ?
Quand mon colis Macbook va arriver ?


Sigue el paquete Macbook
¿Dónde está mi paquete Macbook?
¿Cuándo llega mi paquete Macbook?


Traccia spedizione Macbook
Dov’è la spedizione Macbook
Quando arriva la spedizione Macbook?


Rastreie entrega Macbook
Encontre entrega Macbook
Quando Macbook no Parcel vai chegar?


Var är min leverans Macbook
Spåra leverans Macbook
Fråga Parcel var MacBook är


Найди посылку Macbook
Отследи посылку Macbook

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