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Amazon Login in Parcel

Unfortunately, Amazon no longer allows tracking packages without signing in to an Amazon account. If you see a suggestion from the app to sign in to Amazon, please proceed with it.

Parcel is not saving your credentials on its server. Everything is stored locally on your device. Once you sign in, the app will automatically rename any new Amazon deliveries added via Parcel Email and will also try to get detailed tracking for Amazon Logistics deliveries.


If you have problems with this feature or the app is asking to sign in for every delivery, please try the following steps:

  1. Sign out in the app settings from your Parcel account and then sign in back again.
  2. Find your most recent Amazon order number. Copy it into pasteboard and start adding a new delivery in Parcel.
  3. Enter any tracking number, e.g. 12345678. As a description, enter "" (or,, etc) followed by your order number without the hash symbol. Example: 123-1234567-1234567
  4. The app should ask you to sign in to rename this delivery. Proceed and sign in to your Amazon account. Make sure to select the "Keep me signed in" option and also "Don't require OTP on this browser" option if you have two-factor authentication enabled.
  5. Once your order page is loaded, give a few seconds to the app to finish loading, it will close the window and rename the delivery.
  6. Wait for one hour (setting a timer is recommended) and then add the same delivery again. Same number, same description. If the app asks you to sign in, please do so.
  7. After that, the app should keep your Amazon credentials and Amazon integration should work.

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