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Amazon Integration in Parcel

Amazon integration was added in version 7.0 of the app. Once you sign in to your Amazon account, your new Amazon deliveries will be added automatically once they are processed by Amazon and are ready to be shipped.

Parcel is not saving your credentials on its server. Everything is stored locally on your device.


If you have received a single notification about expired Amazon credentials, you have nothing to worry about. Just tap on it to sign in. One notification for every new Amazon account is completely normal.

However, if the app is persistently sending you notifications about expired credentials or you have another issue, please try the following steps:

  1. Make sure that you don't have any active Amazon Logistics deliveries in the app that belong to two different Amazon accounts. You can have only one Amazon account per country.
  2. Open the app settings and select "Amazon Integration" if you are using iOS or use the menu bar if you are on a Mac.
  3. Remove all accounts on that screen. To remove a login in iOS, tap and hold on it. In macOS, right click it.
  4. Once all accounts are removed, the app will clear all settings related to Amazon.
  5. Add your Amazon account. Make sure to select the "Keep me signed in" option and also the "Don't require OTP on this browser" option if you have two-factor authentication enabled.
  6. Once added, you might get a notification from the app about expired credentials in a few hours but after that your credentials should "stick" with Amazon.

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